Dashboard Security Rating

Gain visibility at a glance to see how well your domain is doing in terms of overall outgoing email protocols like (SPF,DKIM,DMARC,BIMI) & incoming email protocols like (MTA-STS , TLS-RPT)

Date Picker Manual Input

Our date picker now supports both manual selection and manual input

Hide Subdomains

You now have the option to hide auto-discovered subdomains on the Dashboard page & DMARC aggregate reporting page.

This will give you the option to do a more focused analysis while navigating through the portal.

MSP/MSSP Tutorials & Help Page

PowerDMARC MSP/MSSP will now get to enjoy a more intuitive platform.

Options like video tutorials, user guidelines & training are now made available to cover the requirements that are usually needed seen as a challenge while navigating through the portal.

BIMI SVG converter

BIMI SVG converter is now available on the Power ToolBox page. Easily converter your logos as need to be able to properly utilize our PowerBIMI feature for your marketing needs.

Hosted DMARC

This feature allows you to publish your configured DMARC record in your DNS using a CNAME approach rather than the traditional TXT record.

With this methodology you will be able to use the platform to make any further changes to your record without the need of logging in to your DNS

Mail Volume History

PowerDMARC has recently released a new feature that allows you to view your email volume mail history.

SSO for MSSP admins

PowerDMARC has recently launched a new feature that allows our MSSP partners to register and manage their admins but using SSO/Directory Sync.

User Access Templates

PowerDMARC Supports customized user access templates based on organizational needs. Each access template can have its own access rights.

MailAuth Analyzer

The in-platform MailAuth analyzer tool is your personal email header analyzer / message header analyzer that helps you detect, analyze and investigate your email authentication compliances (i.e. DMARC, DKIM, SPF, MTA-STS, and BIMI) through an empty test mail sent to an auto-generated email address.

View the feature now in detail

New Lookup tools

The Powertoolbox has new lookup features for A, AAA, PTR, TXT, CNAME and SOA DNS checkers.
The improvement is included in the public tools and in PowerDMARC application

View the improved feature now!

Microsoft and Google OAuth Support

PowerDMARC released a new version that has Microsoft and Google OAuth login that allows users to use their existing credential or register using this credentails.