28 days ago

DKIM record validation on the analyzer/toolbox

We made some improvements on our Power Analyzer and Power Toolbox to query and display more consistent and accurate results.
28 days ago

DMARC Aggregate Enhancement (columns customization)

Depending on your specific requirements you can now make customize data fields to show or hide necessary information while performing a result analysis on the data received in the portal.


PowerDMARC DKIM generator tool

We made changes to the way we generate the DKIM record. This is to ensure that we are up to date with the DKIM standards and to avoid any issues when publishing the records onto your DNS.

Also, you can generate the DKIM key length (1024,2048,4096) while generation the DKIM record.

MailAuth Analyzer Error Detection

With this enhancement on MailAuth Analyzer, errors found within your domain and the respective DNS records/protocols will be clearly stated to make it more convenient to understand the issue(s) at hand.

Download RUF report ( Only for available attachments)

With this feature enhancement you are now able to download your forensic reports that has attachments from the portal directly!

Manage Domains Enhancement

Our managed domain has undergone some recent changes
  1. Performance Enhancement
  2. New layout to manage domains and to easily view email protocols

PowerSPF Enhancement

Now you are able to seamlessly select 3rd party SPF syntax to your PowerSPF record without having any manual input.

Simply select from our prepopulated list or you can modify and add any 3rd party vendor that is not mentioned previously. This will give you and your team an easier time managing your SPF records.

Audit Logs

Improvements have been made for the audit logs. Several key actions are now monitored and audited
  • PDF report downloaded
  • New alert created
  • Create SPF
  • Remove SPF
  • Enable PowerSPF 
  • Disable PowerSPF 
  • Delete Mail Auth 
  • Enable Store Policy file manually
  • Disable Store Policy File manually
  • PowerAnalyzer exportPDF
  • PowerMTA-STS / Update Policy

MTA-STS policy update

PowerDMARC now allows our users the ability to manually edit the Policy file URL 

Whitelabel Configuration UI Enhancement

We have made some improvements on our UI for whit label configuration. This improvement will give our MSSP a more direct way of managing and configuring the required changes on the portal.

DMARC PDF reports

We have enhanced the PDF reports by indicating the email authentication status for your domain. Apart from the DMARC policy, you will be able to see the status for other email authentication protocol like BIMI and MTA-STS.

CSV Reports additional fields

Our CSV file reports now include the following fields
  • SPF Authentication
  • DKIM Authentication 
  • SPF Result
  • DKIM Result
  • Start Date
  • End Date

These new update now makes it easier to match your csv reports with the data seen in the portal.

New Lookup tools

The Powertoolbox has new lookup features for A, AAA, PTR, TXT, CNAME and SOA DNS checkers.
The improvement is included in the public tools and in PowerDMARC application

View the improved feature now!

DMARC Aggregate Filters

A new feature of filters has been added to DMARC Aggregate reports that improves the search capability for users.