Automatic selection of a single domain name

Can it be coded so that if a page references a single domain, it loads that domain immediately? This would eliminate the need to manually select the only domain from the dropdown menu on each page and then hit the button to load that domain information. Every time I check on a domain and use the following pages, I have to repeatedly pull down that drop menu and choose the only listed domain and press the go button. It's unnecessary to keep having to do these button clicks for each page. * Domain Health * Threat Map * PowerSPF * Hosted DMARC * Hosted DKIM * Hosted BIMI * Hosted MTA-STS It would be easy to implement a request like this with a small piece of back end code. 1. **Initialize Results** * Retrieve the set of results. 2. **Check Number of Items**: * If the number of items in the set is greater than one, display the items for user selection. * If the number of items in the set is equal to one, proceed to the next step. 3. **Display Item**: * Automatically display the code for the single available item.