Critical Partner MailAuth EMBED Enhancements

This is an awesome tool, but: * The current adaptation redirects users to the Power DMARC website (this experience needs to be captively retained in partner website) * Since we've lost the interaction with the redirect, partner website generated reports are not visible to partners * Additionaly, the end-user (referred from partner site) now has ability to transact directly w/PowerDmarc - bypassing partner opportunity to engage. * We (partners) get zero visibility to the reports from those redirects (we should receive a copy of those reports, or they should be visible in our Partner portal [tagged to us as partners] (PERHAPS a utm code in the embed link could hel pwith that?) * Again, [tagging these referrals to partner] shoud be an inherent process (with or w/o a redirect) and if there is "conflict" (meaning another partner has already provided this domain referral) then there should be communication to the partner that the domain is already registered to another partner.