Report Column Customization by Sending Source

Now that Google, MailChimp, and others are no longer using SPF records it would be nice to disable the SPF Verification column for certain domains. Each monitored domain should offer us the ability to customize which columns are applicable for each Sending Source. For example, for clients using MailChimp I would suppress the results for the SPF Verification column for MailChimp by adding The Rocket Science Group, LLC and its associated domains (;;, etc). There's no need to see data in this field when we know the sender is not compliant and will always be not aligned. For the uninformed the yellow warning status in the report signifying it is non-aligned causes confusion and concern, resulting in unnecessary time my team and I spend discussing this issue with clients. It also adds a layer of confusion for my team, especially those who do not work with DMARC, DKIM, or SPF on a regular basis. My goal is to have a clean report that is easily understood and assists with identifying issues for us to address. As additional services stop using SPF this will become more of an issue. Thanks.