Feature Request: STARTTLS Test Implementation in MailAuth Analyzer

I am writing to propose a feature enhancement for your MailAuth Analyzer tool, which I believe would be greatly beneficial in light of the upcoming changes to Google's email security policies. As you might be aware, starting February 1st, Google will implement a new email security policy that mandates the use of STARTTLS. While it's straightforward to test for STARTTLS compliance on servers like MTAs that have constantly open ports, using openssl commands or various online tools, the same cannot be said for servers used intermittently, such as those handling emails from web server contact forms. In these cases, the SMTP port isn't always open, making it challenging to verify STARTTLS compliance. Given this situation, it would be immensely helpful if PowerDMARC could integrate a STARTTLS testing feature into the MailAuth Analyzer. Such a feature would enable users to easily confirm whether their intermittent-use servers comply with the new requirements set by Google, ensuring better preparedness and compliance. We believe this addition would not only enhance the functionality of MailAuth Analyzer but also provide significant value to its users, especially considering the evolving email security landscape. Thank you for considering this request. We look forward to possibly seeing this feature in a future update and appreciate the continuous efforts to improve MailAuth Analyzer.