Hosted Services & Reports Improvements May 2024

## Enhanced Hosted DKIM Management Experience The new Hosted DKIM Setup Wizard allows you to easily add your current DKIM selectors and DNS records before publishing the NS records. This ensures immediate availability of your selectors once Hosted DKIM is activated. Additionally, you can add, edit, or delete selectors even after the initial setup. You can also add comments to describe your selectors for better organization and clarity. ## Hosted MTA-STS Layout Enhancements * The enhanced 'Help' section, now featuring refined descriptions and new visuals, can be accessed via the 'Get Started' button. * The domain selector reload button is now consistent with the design of other pages. * Due to layout changes, the 'Hosted MTA-STS' and 'Hosted TLS-RPT' sections are now positioned side by side horizontally, with the corresponding record information displayed below each section. * A reference link has been added to direct users to the corresponding TLS reporting domain page. * Statuses of MTA-STS records are now clearly indicated using appropriate color. * Accessibility issues have been resolved for the MTA-STS record Mode field. ## TLS Report Upload & History The platform now allows users to manually upload TLS Report JSON files and view their upload history.