PowerSPF: Management, Analytics and Diagnostics tabs

**PowerSPF has introduced new tabs, enhancing users' ability to manage their SPF records with greater sophistication: Management, Analytics and Diagnostics tabs.** PowerSPF has a new and improved **Management** tab with a revamped UI with the following changes and new functionality: 1. The ***Manual Setup*** section has been relocated below the Tracked Includes tree 2. The Status indicator has been renamed from **Live** to **Enabled**. 3. Users can now click the Reset button, accompanied by an updated pop-up message for confirmation. This action will remove all their included sources from the PowerSPF configuration page. 4. PowerSPF lookup section will also illustrate the functionality of the tool by comparing the lookup results of your domain with and without enabling the service. The **Analytics** tab of the PowerSPF will show the additional information about the include tree, as well as mail volumes per sender source and IP address. This will allow you to monitor the volume of the emails by the sender source and SPF mechanism and identify outliers. And finally, the **Diagnostics** tab on the PowerSPF page will inform the client of any existing errors we have detected. Here you will be able to see not only the issues and warning messages related to the SPF record, but also the recommendations on how it can be fixed with the help of PowerSPF.