Subdomains Management: Enhanced Logic and Experience

Spoofers can sometimes target your organization by creating illegitimate subdomains to send outgoing emails.This can cause your dashboard to be overcrowded with data for these illegitimate subdomains. Our newly implemented UI/UX and logic changes will simplify the management of auto-discovered subdomains for the client. The main impact is on three pages: **Dashboard, Aggregate Reports** and **Manage Domains**. ***Manage Domain page:*** * Underwent significant UI/UX changes. * Users can now click on auto-discovered subdomains, directing them to a dedicated page. * Implemented a tagging system for subdomains: Verified (legitimate), Flagged (illegitimate), and Unverified (not yet identified by the client). * Empowers the client to categorize subdomains based on their legitimacy. * The user guide on the Subdomains page will help to manage it properly. ***Dashboard page & Aggregate page:*** * Introduced a filter button in the UI/UX screen. * The user can select to hide all flagged, verified or/and unverified subdomains in the account. These updates enhance the user experience by providing more control and clarity over the management of subdomains, addressing the issue of subdomain clutter and potential spoofing.