Unveiling the New MSSP Dashboard Experience!

We're thrilled to announce an upgrade to the MSSP Dashboard, bringing you a more intuitive and refined user interface. Here's what's in store for you: * **Enhanced User Interaction** Experience the convenience of drag-and-drop icons, allowing you to effortlessly manage and customize your dashboard blocks. * **Streamlined Clarity** Titles and logic have been meticulously adjusted, providing a more straightforward and cohesive dashboard experience. * **Visual Sophistication** Font size adjustments bring a fresh and modern look to key widgets, ensuring information is easily readable and accessible. * **Cleaner Widget Interface** We've removed unnecessary icons from specific widgets, providing a cleaner and more focused view of your data. * **Seamless Navigation** Navigate through your Plans effortlessly with the newly introduced scrolling functionality in the Plans box. * **Updated NO DATA Screens** Explore our revamped NO DATA screens, ensuring a more informative and visually appealing experience when data is unavailable. * **Tailored Plans Section** Focus solely on what matters – the Plans section now exclusively displays Active accounts, offering a more relevant and streamlined overview.