NEW Sender ID functionality

Our new **Sender Identification** feature offers increased trust by verifying and classifying sender sources, which reduces spam and phishing risks significantly. The solution ensures compliance with industry standards, preventing email spoofing and unauthorized communication. *With a user-friendly interface the End Users can manage their domains’ email sources, label the sources, authorize the trusted ones and configure SPF and DKIM records via the Hosted Services.* * The End User can see the Aggregate reports and sender sources grouped in a better, more optimized way. * You can click the gear button under the Actions column to access the Configuration section and view detailed information about validated sender sources. * Configuration pop up will guide you on how to configure SPF and DKIM records for the domain. But first, please select only one domain from the drop-down list to see this option. * Our Hosted services will help you optimize the SPF and DKIM setups and protect your domains more efficiently. * As an End User you can label and authorize the sources by clicking the Edit button from Actions as well. It can help find the source and label it in accordance with its functionality or theme. * For those who prefer the previous version, the option to revert to the old version is available at the top of the page. * Enhancements on Dashboard will help the user see the volumes of mails by Sender source, as well as configure them if needed.